Studio10 Beauty: Content and Conversions

Studio10 Beauty is a cosmetic brand focused on Pro Age Beauty, that questions the stereotypes of anti-ageing in the world of beauty.

As Grace Fodor, the founder of Studio10, explains: “I want to celebrate my age, wear it proudly and feel truly confident. To be represented in advertising, by the very brands trying to talk to us. And as for products, they need to be designed with me in mind.”

Over the last month, we have tested Facebook ad formats  for Studio10, as they wish to heavily invest in the platform in 2018. In March 2018, Facebook’s average Click Through Rate (CTR) for all ad formats, was 1.18%.

In creative tests we have run over the last month, the results have been:

  • Static Ads: 8.53% – 9.66%
  • Carousels: 3.56% – 5.66%
  • Videos: 1.26% – 6.93%
  • Retargeting: 2.91% – 4.23%

Collaborating with Patsy Kensit, Studio10 Beauty toured the UK until mid-July 2018 to discuss the Pro Age movement and how women can find their inner confidence again.