Miller Harris Reconstructed In Bloom

Last year’s In Bloom campaign was created following our brand strategy work with Miller Harris.

We featured five Miller Harris fragrances on Miller Harris’s owned and earned channels, between May and September, 2017.  Sales of Rose Silence increased by 22%, Year-on-Year, during the campaign. Sales of Coeur de Jardin increased by 31%, Year-on-Year, during the campaign, and sales of Le Jasmin increased by 59% in comparison to the same period during 2016.

Miller Harris are running this campaign again, this summer Reconstructed in Bloom salutes the old campaign, while conveying more perfumes and new floral collaborators, on Miller Harris’ social media accounts.

New collaborators include Miss Pickering, Pyrus, Jenni Bloom and Yi Nari, and previous collaborators, with whom we worked in 2017 are Honeysuckle and Hilda, McQueen’s Flowers and Rebel Rebel.